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The COQUARD family has cultivated its love for Beaujolais and other French vineyards for several generations. Christophe Coquard is always on the look-out for interesting new trends and has decided to embrace a revolutionary new technology – the innovative 20 and 30 litre multi-layered PET keg. He can now offer his quality French wines, served in pristine condition on tap by the glass in wine bars, pubs and restaurants.
If you are a company dedicated to providing quality wines on tap to restaurants, wine bars and pubs, Christophe can most certainly help with COQUARD ON TAP.

Discover the wines of Coquard-on-tap

COQUARD ON TAP offer a completely unique wine list that strikes the right balance between traditional French varieties and regional AOC wines. You’ll find Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir from Pays d’Oc.

If you want another wine?

You can ask for Beaujolais Villages, Beaujolais-Blanc, Chablis and others ...

Why do we offer our wines in kegs?

A revolutionary new technology, this innovative 20 Liters multi-layered PET keg offers all of the storage and preservative qualities of a metal keg, but you can stuff it in your recycling bin when empty. We believe that this is a game-changer when it comes to wine service.

It has so many advantages to restaurants and caterers

  • A better glass of wine

    Wine never touches air or gas until served, it is as fresh as from the tank in the cellar,
  • So simple

    Works with any gas or compressed air hence the last glass is as fresh as the first!
  • Smoother, easier and faster service

    No more cork to pull, no glass to dump, no cases to break down, and no wastage from uneven bottle ends. Less messing about in the bar area means a streamlined service.
  • Significant reduced storage

    A 20L keg holds 26.6 bottles worth of wine – a reduction of over 50% of the storage footprint of bottled wine.
  • Significant reduced wastes

    Our kegs are crushable by hand and are completely recyclable. Changing just one house wine to tap format will save you the disposal costs of 1.2 metric ton of glass waste per year. One 20L keg removes the need for 16kg of glass, 26 capsules, closures and labels, and 1.6kg of cardboard.
  • Smarter than steel

    With the same preservative qualities as steel, there is no more deposit, storage or return of kegs
  • No more broken bottles

    Or wines with “corked” default!
  • Good for the environment

    Wine kegs are recyclable, it reduces packaging by 94% and reduces wine’s carbon footprint by an average of 25%
And many other advantages!

Our fine French wines in kegs are also
in 75CL bottles

FDS stands for “Fresh, Delicate and Subtle”. It is an attractive, eye-catching and super simple range available for your enjoyment!

Who is Christophe COQUARD?

Christophe Coquard comes from a long line of vine growers in Beaujolais. Christophe learned viticulture and winemaking from his Grandfather and father toiling among the vines and vinifying Gamay Beaujolais in the family winery.

After working for three years in the wine import and distribution sector in London, Christophe spent time working for three renowned wineries in California, New Zealand Villa and South Africa. Once back in the Beaujolais, he developed his skills and expanded his network of contacts, working for two négociant houses and in 2004 Christophe decided to ‘return home’ properly, to the family estate, and to channel his energies into livening up the Beaujolais wine scene.

Whilst carrying on the family tradition in Beaujolais, Christophe has also developed a micro-negociant business offering intriguing parcels from the Languedoc in bottles and in kegs.

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